Posted by: Scott Groves | March 6, 2012

I mean it… I really mean it

I don’t have time to write a long post about Obama and all his missteps with Iran.  Starting with his comical campaign promise, which no conservative actually believed, about sitting down with the leaders of Iran – to his ignorance on Iran’s desire to build nuclear weapons – on this particular foreign affair Obama just doesn’t seem to “get it”.

I won’t bore you with details you that can read about on CNN here regarding Obama’s recent meetings with Israel diplomats.  However, I did want to briefly comment about how Obama, in his remarks about using military force against Iran, seems to be like the grade school kid who can’t stand up for himself.

Remember the kid from 4th grade who constantly got bullied.  Every once in a while he would stand up and tell the bully he was going to punch him back… or tell the teacher… or have his uncle come to school and beat up the bullies dad… remember that kid?

Well, at my school, we always knew that poor kid who was getting bullied was just spewing empty threats.  Sad as it was, he was never going to bunch back, or go tell the teacher and his uncle probably wasn’t very tough.

When Obama addresses his critics as it pertains to Iran, he reminds me of the same timid kid who is happy to sling empty threat as the bully gets stronger and continues to steal his lunch money.

It’s sad that the leader of the free world can’t find a stronger stance to take against a country who has the stated goal of whipping one of our closest allies off the face of the globe.

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