The Greater Thoughts blog is in no way linked to, posted by, supported by, or in any other way associated with any of Scott Groves’ employers, business partners, clients or referral sources.


Scott Groves is the definition of a red-dot in a blue-state.  Other than a few close knit friends and uncle Bruce, an overwhelming number of Scott’s friends, clients, co-workers and even his wife are self-classified liberal democrats.

Whether it was listening to the right-leaning arguments of his father and other Boy Scout leaders, the Presidency of Ronald Regan, his time in U.S. Army, or something deeper – Scott has always been a far right leaning individual.

Ironically, before the Tea Party was in vogue or the country became more familiar with the name Ron Paul, Scott’s idea of being a Republican was always a little different than the media-supported definition.

Smaller overall government, less Federal power, more governance by local and state officials, a powerful but efficient military, maximum available personal freedoms – these are all first principals of Scott’s thought process.   Everything else is just noise.

As an escape from the stresses of work and politics, Scott enjoys taking in a movie or two a week and enjoys an occasional boxing lesson.  Posts about movies or new fitness goals will frequent the blog.

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