Posted by: Scott Groves | March 6, 2012

A crazy field of Republicans-

Personally, I don’t think the field of Republican candidates are that crazy… but I thought I would field the question from one of my co-workers anyway.

Her question came via email while we were talking about interest rates (which are going up), the cost to extend her 30 day mortgage rate-lock (a cost which recently went up as a tradeoff for the payroll tax deduction), and her recent increase in health care costs (which are going up for everyone except those on Government programs).

She asked:

Sorry Scott, a beer will be fun but it would be impossible to swing us even a little towards center!  I will still try to like you even if you are a conservative nut.  How are you even dealing with your pool of candidates??????
I responded:

Sadly, I think Republicans thought it was a foregone conclusion in 2010 that Obama was going to win in 2012.  All the good candidates (who don’t rely on stupid social issue tactics) decided to wait until 2016.  Strong fiscal leaders like Christie and Jindal who are straight talkers and not crazy religious folks stayed on the sideline.

However, as we are seeing with unemployment still above 8%, healthcare costs sky-rocketing, gas prices sky-rocketing, companies still hording money because they don’t trust Obama’s policies, crony capitalism happening at a level that makes Bush & Cheney look like a saints, and the super rich not willing to invest in new infrastructure right now… it turns out Obama was more vulnerable than originally expected.

If only Romney or Santorum could stay out of the religious conversations… they both have some strong fiscal ideas that I like.  I also think they both generally feel America should be a stronger world power than it is today (financially).

I have several reason to dislike Obama… but here are the top 5 reasons (as a liberal) for you to uncomfortable with your 2012 candidate, President Obama:

·   Even though he campaigned on with strong rhetoric about Gitmo being a detention center that was factory of human rights violations –AND- he said closing it would be his #1 priority if elected – 3 years later it’s still open

·   President Obama is the first American President to order and carry out the execution of an American citizen without a trial or due process (this makes Bush’s “unconstitutional” wire taps under the homeland security bill look like a traffic violation in comparison to Obama’s murder of an American citizen)

·   Drone attacks against a country we aren’t even at war against (Pakistan) have increased 500% under Obama

·   If we can be honest with each other we can admit that Obama did not “kill” the Keystone Pipeline.  Obama simply tabled it until after the election.  He is going to pretend to be an environmentalist until after the election, then he will approve the pipeline as a payoff to union bosses (it’s really very intelligent – he satisfies the tree huggers today while conveying a message to the construction worker unions that they have to campaign for in 2012 if they want this large program green-lit).  Ironically, it is Obama and the Democrats (feeling the pressure of high gas prices and an unsatisfied public) that are now starting to repeat the Palin remarks of “drill-baby-drill” for 3 years ago

·   The process for handing out Green-Project funding, from the bloated stimulus, had little to do with merit and it’s now coming out that much of this money was handed out to those who gave the most campaign contributions in 2008 to Obama and his team.  The Chevy Volt / Solyndra / and about 10 other “green-projects” I can’t think of off the top of my head have already gone belly-up after obtaining government financing.  Yet real environmentalist have not gotten the funding they need to explore real forms of sustainable energey

This is a short list of reasons you AND I should be dissatisfied with our President.  But unfortunately, Rachel Maddow will keep convincing you that Republicans hate women… and you will vote for Obama in 2012 without looking at the other options.

Ironically, if you are really a socialist-leaning, anti-war, free-choice, hippie type of voter… you should be seriously considering Ron Paul.

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