Websites I Visit

For as interested as I am in having a “presence” on the internet, I actually visit very few websites myself.  In 2012 I will need to remedy this.  Feel free to comment on this post and give me a few ideas about sites I should be checking out and why.

Here is a list of (virtually) all the sites I visit on a regular basis (in loose order of importance):

Facebook (always checking in on the pithy or political comments posted by Andrew Viertel, Mark Russell and Joe Mellis – and by checking in, I mean, ready to start a political argument)


CNN Money Page

Real Clear Markets

Sports Illustrated

Real Clear Politics

Internet Movie Data-Base

Ok… now that I’ve checked my mail, updated my facebook status, checked the markets for rates and bond pricing, checked the scores, read a bit about politics and ensured there isn’t a new movie trailer out that I missed – I broaden my search a bit:

Andrew’s Great Thoughts

Wall Street Journal

Take Sunset Architectural Blog

Trust Your Lender

Beyond Hollywood

Pajama Media

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