Posted by: Scott Groves | February 27, 2012

Fake movie review: The Artist

Tonight, The Artist will probably sweep the Oscars.  I’ve seen most the best picture nominees but refuse to watch a silent film made in 2011.

Come on, does it get any more gimmicky than this?

There is a reason they stopped making silent movies 70 years ago.  Once the technology of sound was merged with film, it became basically moronic to make a film without sound.

Kudos to the The Artist for exploiting the system, finding a gimmick and (presumably) winning a few Oscars with what is (probably) a very average movie.  I hope the The Help, a book and film every woman I’ve ever met absolutely loves, can pull off the upset.  My vote with go to Moneyball.

I mean seriously, which of the following would you rather watch?


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