Posted by: Scott Groves | February 27, 2012

Contrary to popular belief, the GOP is NOT staging an assualt against women

If it wasn’t happening at the expense of setting up an honest series of debates between President Obama and the Republican nominee for President in 2012, the media’s over-reaction to the GOP’s so-called ‘assault on women’ would be comical.

Here are the three biggest talking points of the last several weeks which liberals are using as a platform to label all Republicans as sexist pigs stuck who are clearly stuck in the 1950’s and hate women:

  • Republicans generally sided with the rights of a private foundations to stop its funding of Planned Parenthood (another ‘private’ company that somehow gets an overwhelming amount of its funding from the Government)
  • Republicans generally sided with the rights of private insurance companies, privately owned corporations and religious institutions when it came to deciding which drugs they would, and would not provide for their employees and/or their insured
  • Some Republicans even went so far to state the scientific fact that the only form or 100% guaranteed birth control is a personal policy of abstinence

The rest, the arguments over whether birth control is a human right, the re-hashed and bias arguments over abortion, the attacks against Santorum and Romney’s religious comments – it’s all political pandering and the same old liberal talking points designed to scare people into rallying against the ‘evil’ Republicans.

The bottom line is that the economy is not getting better fast enough, the endless government spending and stimulus of the last 4-years have made things marginally better but have not delivered on the promised results, Obama and his supporters are scared.  Because Obama it looking vulnerable, it’s time for the MSNBC team and the Rachel Maddows of the country to step-up their personal attacks against any GOP candidate who gains in the polls.

Republicans, even the far right religious ones, don’t hate women.

And just out of curiosity.  I would pose the following question to my left-leaning friends.  What is a greater ‘assault’ against women?  Having an honest political debate about what drugs the government can force private employers to cover through their insurance plans -OR- a President using his position of power to coerce a woman into getting vaginally violated with a cigar in her bosses office?

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