Posted by: Scott Groves | February 14, 2012

Obama is going to win in 2012

Without having to read his entire article, which I recommend you do here, my friend Andrew over at the Great Thoughts blog recently wrote several paragraphs explaining how Obama’s re-election will probably play out.  he believes that due to the weak field of Presidential candidates currently being offered up by Republicans Obama will probably win the 2012 Presidential election fairly easily.

For once, I totally agree with him.

As early as late 2010 I was telling some close friends of mine that there is no way Obama loses in 2012.  Unemployment at 8% or 12%, it doesn’t matter.  I believe the American public is too ignorant to not re-elect Obama.  There are plenty of smart democrats and smart republicans.  However, there are a whole lot of dumb people in the middle who cast their vote without ever thinking on the second level.

It will be easy for Obama to campaign on victories such as dropping unemployment (although that’s not really true if you dive into the numbers), the economy rebounding (although that really is not true either), his success in the middle east and the killing of Osama Bin Laden (although Obama basically just followed the Bush/McCain plan to fruition) and don’t forget about his trump card “It’s still all Bush’s fault” (although the root of many of our financial problems really saw their seeds planted during the Clinton administrations final few years).

Although Santorum is the new hip flavor of the week, Romney will probably win the nomination.  He will put up a good fight and probably even win some debates.  But there is no way a 1%’er is getting elected in this campaign cycle.

In a nationwide electorate which is basically split 50/50 – Obama will do just enough to win.  He can probably count on getting 95% of the African-American vote (again), 60% of independents voters who are willing to give Obama another chance (which may or may-not have something to do with ‘white-guilt-syndrome‘), and 65% of the popular vote in states like California (where we are so naive we don’t even realize that the ideals of Obama have already been test-driven on our state – and all it has created is a bankrupted entity that hides behind government debt loads that are unsustainable).

Obama will win and that’s that.

What will be more interesting is if in 2016 a strong candidate like Bobby Jindal will emerge and lead the country in a revolution to cut spending and become competitive on a world-wide stage yet again.  My fear is that four more years of Obama may damage us beyond repair.  China will continue to press forward with their 100 year plan to become the dominate country in the world and my children (or grand children) will envision a red flag with yellow stars when they hear the term “world super power”.

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