Posted by: Scott Groves | February 14, 2012

Movie review – Safe House

With Safe House, you pretty much know exactly what you’re getting.

If Training Day and The Bourne Identity had a love-child, it would be named Safe House.

  • Newbie on the job and reluctant hero  – check
  • Denzel being a bad guy you really want to root for and a total bad-ass – check
  • Young white kid with rock-hard abs learning a thing or two from the aging and slightly chubby veteran – check
  • Cool location shoots in a major city 99% of us will never visit  – check
  • Evil CIA henchmen who are “really” behind the entire mess – check
  • Motion camera action scenes with bad-ass fight sequences – check, check and check

The movie was a lot of fun.  Had tons of cool yet fairly unbelievable action sequences.  Cast was awesome.  Obligatory hot foreign chic was in fact… hot.

In fairness my buddy Ty did point out something weird about the film.  There is a disjointed sense throughout the film as to whether Denzel and Reynold’s characters are partnering up or trying to split up.  It does seem odd at times, but only if you decide to analyze the film versus just sitting back and enjoying it.

This is the type of movie I needed to tide me over until the summer blockbusters start to hit.

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