Posted by: Scott Groves | February 14, 2012

What is a Human Right?

Frankly, I don’t know where I stand on the subject of abortion.  It’s a complicated issue, I find my opinions on the subject constantly evolving and I’m disgusted that men are basically shamed into only being allowed to have one opinion on the matter.  If a man isn’t openly pro-choice, then he is automatically branded as a lunatic conservative or a chauvinistic asshole.  Although I’m leaning more towards a pro-life stance now that I’m older, I don’t believe I’m inherently a lunatic or an asshole.

Additionally, I feel anyone who claims that there should only be one opinion on this matter isn’t being very rational.

Recently, in my arguments on other topics ranging from health-care to gay-marriage… it seem to now be en-vogue to attribute the plight of certain political or social ideal as a “human rights” issue.   Marriage to whomever you choose is a “human right”, access to health insurance is a “human-right”, a fair tax system where the rich help the poor is a “human right” – this is how the argument so often goes when I’m debating with a Democrat.

That’s fine if someone wants to look at the issue they are most passionate about in that light… as a human rights issue… I get it.

But I wonder, do these people ever stop and think about what our very first human right is?  Isn’t the right to be born the absolute first “human right” that we all encounter?

Recently the Federal Government passed a law that states if a pregnant women is attacked or killed on Federal property, the accused can be tried on two counts of assault or murder (one for the mother and one for the unborn child).  Why is a an unborn child, or fetus as the media likes to refer to it, counted as a person if a stranger kills (or terminates) it… but if the mother decides to terminate the child/fetus the procedure is supported by a government sponsored entity like Planned Parenthood?

Just some food for thought, mostly for me, as I work through my own thoughts on the subject.



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