Posted by: Scott Groves | January 25, 2012

Voter ID

In California a valid state or federal ID is required for just about everything.  Here is a short list of tasks you may want to accomplish legally that will require you to present ID:

  • Cash a check
  • Buy cold medicine at a drug-store
  • Drive a car
  • Receive non-emergency medical care
  • Obtain a permit to operate a gas-powered leaf-blower (that was, until they were completely outlawed)
  • Use a debit-card for purchases over $20
  • Obtain social services such disability or unemployment benefits

Recently other state have even started requiring state issued ID be presented before you can buy Drano… yes, you read that right.  If you want to unclog your sink at home, you have to show some ID to the store clerk before you purchase that dangerous bottle of drano.

Here is something you don’t need an ID for in the State of California:


Voting, you know, that little thing that helps decide world politics, tax rates, availability of social services, educational funding, laws and environmental policy – just to name a few.

The number one reason used for not enforcing any type of voter ID requirement is that it unfairly affects poor and minority voters.  President Obama and Democrats have even told us as much.  Unfortunately, what we really have here is the Obama administration, and democrats in generally, playing the same race card that liberals have played for years.  Yet, this argument is not about race, it is about whether legally cast votes will be voided by illegally cast votes.

“In Chicago, a federal investigation of the 1982 gubernatorial election estimated that at least 100,000 illegal votes had been cast and that voter fraud had been routine for many years. In 1960, Mayor Richard J. Daley’s Chicago Democrat machine almost certainly sealed John F. Kennedy’s presidential election by delaying reporting by Democratic-controlled precincts and counting them for Kennedy.

Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the Republican candidate, had a compelling case for a challenge, but chose not to do so. The media would have crucified him as a sore loser without seriously investigating fraud allegations.

Conversely, in 2000, when Democrat Al Gore challenged George W. Bush’s razor-thin victory in Florida, the media flogged Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris because she refused to overlook “hanging chads” and other questionable vote counting.” – From the Washington Times

The bottom line is that most states have very affordable, if not free, ways for its residents to obtain a legal form of identification.  The Federal Government, in an attempt to restrict voter fraud and wrongful incarceration (another item not having a valid ID leads to), could mandate that state provide identification cards for free – problem solved.

I’ve probably read a hundred articles on the pros and cons of requiring identification to vote.  The conclusion I’ve come to is that having ID in order to vote should become a Federal requirement as soon as possible in order to eliminate fraud.

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