Posted by: Scott Groves | January 21, 2012

Movie review – Haywire

Gina Carano makes her leading lady debut as an ass-kicking ex-marine who now works for a privatized version of the CIA.

I should have expected this movie to feel a little different as Steven Soderbergh and his team always seem to be exploring new ways to ‘pace’ a film.  Traffic, Oceans 11 and Out of Sight were all movies I enjoyed, yet the viewing experience for these Soderbergh directed films always felt a bit different.

There are some scenes in Haywire that are painfully slow.  Gina Carano and Channing Tatum do the best they can to match acting chops with Ewan McGregor and Michael Fassbender, but the they simply aren’t in the same league (yet).  Due to the large difference in acting ability, many of the scenes seem forced and are a bit painful.

Carano and Tatum do serve their purpose in the action scenes which I thought were filmed very well.  The action scenes weren’t done in that jerky hand-held camera style like we saw in the Bourne Identity movies.   However, the still camera filming was done in a manner that made the fights seem authentic and brutally painful.  Every-time someone is shot, an arm is broken or a bad-guy is choked out, I could feel myself winching.

The ending is predictable,  Antonio Banderas and Michael Douglas have tiny roles and the scenes aren’t as grand as we’ve come to expect from high budget action films like Mission Impossible 4.

Overall it’s probably a C+ film that should make its way onto your Netflix queue sometime later this year.

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