Posted by: Scott Groves | January 17, 2012

Movie review – Contraband

Seriously, what’s not to like?  A rare action-movie that had a little something for me and also the women in the audience.

This film had a pretty solid plot, good character development with some great twists and excellent action scenes.  It also told a story about a world few of us even knew existed.  The idea of deck-hands and long-shoremen working to pull off elaborate heists through a secret-society of  smugglers was very cool.

Kate Beckinsale looking a little bit less hotter than usual.  Mark Wahlberg looking as hot as usual.  Ben Foster being his usual gritty self.  Giovanni Ribisi once again stealing the show as the villain. – SIDENOTE – building on his staring role in one of my favorite movies – Boiler Room, his recent epic supporting role in The Rum Diaries, and his workmanlike showing in films like Avatar – Giovanni is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors in Hollywood.

As you may be starting to figure out, there is rarely a movie I dislike.  Once again, have to recommend this film for anyone looking to have a good time.

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