Posted by: Scott Groves | January 5, 2012

I recently got a ticket

Thanks to the world-class revenue-producers known as the Pasadena Police Department, I recently received a pointless ticket… and now I hate government just a little bit more.

As the chubby motor-cycle officer hit his lights and motioned for me to pull over just as I was exiting Lake Street, I did the immediate checks.

Checked my speedometer.  Nope – just got off the freeway where I had been in the slow lane.  Checked my cell phone.  Nope – hands free head-set had been in my ear the entire drive.  Mental check of my registration, tags, lights and other miscellaneous items that could cause a police stop.  Nope – I was borrowing my mom’s car today, she is super diligent with that kind of stuff.

I pulled over, turned on my hazards and watched in my mirror as the officer sauntered up to my car.  With a 0% chance of me being a violent offender or any other type of danger to the officer, he didn’t even appear take the normal police precautions.   He approached on the driver side of the car (instead of the passenger side), didn’t have his hand on his weapon, and didn’t seem too interested in what I was doing inside my vehicle.

“License and registration,” said the officer.  “I pulled you over because you weren’t wearing your seat-belt and that’s dangerous,” he continued.

SAFE, really, safe?  This from a man riding a motor-cycle, possibly the most dangerous activity one can do legally in California.

My frustration with this ticket is not the $35 I will have to pay the City of Pasadena, although I feel the City of Pasadena’s motivation for giving me this ticket is in-fact the $35 in revenue it generates.

My frustration with this ticket is that this is one of the hundreds of reminders of how the government, at all levels, infringes on our liberties to be individuals.

If I choose not be as safe as possible in a motor-vehicle and not wear a seat-belt, that should be my chose.

Even if we want to think on the second level and talk about the social consequences of me not wearing my seat-belt; one can try to extrapolate a scenario where my medical bills (after an accident) could be a net-negative on society.  Therefore the government should be allowed to force me to wear my seat-belt.

However, if one starts to use that type of logic, then we should out-law motor-cycles, fattening foods, smoking, drinking, contact sports, and any other activity the government deems un-safe.

When government starts to control our every action, we will eventually give up our individual freedoms to a privileged group of elected officials.

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