Posted by: Scott Groves | January 4, 2012

Movie Review – Unknown

I vaguely remembered Liam Neeson kicking some ass in the trailer for the movie Unknown.  Since I enjoyed Taken so much, I added it to my Netflix queue.  At first I was fairly upset it wasn’t available on Netflix Instant, but with the holidays approaching, I knew I’d find a way to sneak it in.

I was kind of expecting ‘Unknown’ to be ‘Taken Part 2’.  Since Unknown didn’t do so well in the theater, I had completely forgotten about any plot points revealed by the trailer (which you can view below).

However, the movie was completely different than what I expected and made for a much different kind of ride than in previous Liam Neeson movies I’ve seen.  Unknown was more a film about mistaken identity, something along the lines of classics such as ‘North by Northwest’.

Unfortunately I can’t say much about the movie without giving away some of the exciting plot points.

It’s a solid movie worth checking out and should probably be added to your Netflix queue (even though you may find it a bit formulaic once the film ends).

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