Posted by: Scott Groves | January 2, 2012

Why a Blog-

Frankly, it’s because my friends on Facebook are getting sick of my political rants, and 2012 is going to be a rant-filled year.  With the upcoming Presidential election, my frustrations with the economic situation in California, and my desire to help change the voting decisions of some of my closest friends (and my wife), I needed a new platform.

A majority of my friends are what I believe to be typical liberal Californians.  What I mean by that is there is some social issue or two (Gay marriage, a pet-project social safety net, abortion, ect) that makes these voters feel like they can only identify with the Democratic Party.  As you will come to find out, I disagree with this thesis.

I believe that if I could find a way to drill down to their “first principals” – a term I’ll probably be using often and will define shortly – I truly feel I would find a buried Republican below the wreckage of an outraged and media-manipulated liberal.

Most of my friends are hard-working, entrepreneurial, intelligent individuals who would benefit from real conservative policies.  Hopefully 2012 will be the year that “Republicans” return to the core of our belief structure.

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