Posted by: Scott Groves | January 2, 2012

Obama on Iran

During the 2008 Presidential election, Obama was not shy about discussing Iran.

At the time, right-wing bloggers and Fox News attacked candidate Obama for remarks he made about wanting to “talk” with the leaders of Iran [N. Korea and Venezuela].  Talking heads like Bill O’Reilly (who I don’t watch) and Rush Limbaugh (who I don’t listen to) made it sound like Obama would be taking daily tea with some of the craziest leaders on the planet.

I took a slightly different approach and decided to watch the actual footage.  Thank god for YouTube.  Watch the clip, it’s only 2 minutes:

Obama made some bold correlations during his campaign.  He even went as far to insinuate he would be like Reagan or Kennedy.  “That’s what Reagan did with Gorbachev… he talked to the Soviet Union at a time when they said we would wipe you off the planet,” stated candidate Obama.   He further surmised that by talking to Iran, we could have the same type of positive nation building activities that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Even though I was not going to vote for Obama, these kind of comments gave me a bit of hope.  Maybe a President Obama would govern more from the center.  Maybe he would be more like Reagan, a great communicator who used his words in conjunction with our country’s military and economic power as a way to influence or eliminate totalitarian regimes like the one in Iran.

Unfortunately, as we’ve learned over the last three years, Obama was great at talking-the-talk as a candidate, but has yet to walk-the-walk as a President.  As demonstrated by this weeks military exercises and missile test conducted by Iran, Obama has failed.

Obama has failed to limit Iran’s increase of military activities in the middle-east.  He has failed to stop Iran’s production of military-grade nuclear plutonium.  Obama never even made good on his promise to actively engage or talk to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

For the first time in three decades the United States of America finds itself in an uncomfortable position.

Our enemies around the world, for possibly the first time in 30 years, feel emboldened as America has a President they no longer fear nor respect.


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