Posted by: Scott Groves | January 2, 2012

Movie Review – MI4

Mission Impossible 4 is simply the best offering from this above-average action series.

I enjoyed the original for it’s attempt to be somewhat true to the original series, minus the ending of course.  Part two was my least favorite of the series due to John Woo’s over-use of his special brand of cinematography.  Part three was excellent and Philip Seymour Hoffman was the best villain so far in the series.

However, MI4 was just too good to not vote it as #1 in the series.

Tom Cruise was awesome, the stunts were spectacular, Simon Pegg was great for his much needed moments of comic relief, and the locations / cinematography were spectacular.  Jeremy Renner has an interesting role as an IMF agent who, after a crisis of confidence, becomes an analyst and glorified body-guard.  After a turn of events that threaten Tom Cruise and his team, Jeremy comes through and re-visits his roots as a hard-core operative.

Rumor has it that this introduction to Jeremy Renner will be a tipping point in the series.  Apparently MI5 will have Tom Cruise either dying or retiring in order to allow Renner to take over the reins of the franchise.

Like most action movies, I’m not so concerned with the plot as much as I’m with the pacing and action sequences.  Luckily, MI4 delivers on all fronts.

I’m still trying to figure out how I want to review movies on this blog.  Quick synopsis?  Just my initial feelings about the flick?  Significance of the movie socially or politically?  How I feel about the political belief’s of the actors in the film?

For now I’ll stick with the brief post above and encourage you to go see the movie.  If you can see the film in IMAX or some big-screen equivalent, the Dubai scenes alone will make you fee like it was worth your extra $5.

An excellent film

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